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Lynch Investments, LLC and its affiliated companies comprise a San Francisco-based real estate investment firm that acquires, develops and manages residential and commercial real estate assets. Since its inception in 1988, Lynch has pursued an opportunistic, "market-driven" strategy in its acquisitions, targeting properties whose value can be increased through renovation, development or repositioning within a market. Lynch seeks to operate in markets that will continue to experience economic growth and/or are subject to supply-side constraints. Finally, Lynch enhances the long-term value of its properties through effective in-house asset management.

Lynch Investments finances the acquisition and renovation of these properties through a combination of private investors and institutional funding. An informal analysis of our track record indicates that our investors have received an average annual return of over 20% on their capital invested. Profit sharing arrangements are varied, but our investors always receive a "preferred" return on their capital.

Beginning in 1998, after ten years of operating exclusively in the San Francisco residential market, Lynch Investments expanded its focus to include other Bay Area counties, and soon after, began to acquire properties in Southern California and Texas. Since that time, the Lynch portfolio has consisted primarily of income-producing multifamily and office assets located in California and Texas. Over the last two years, Lynch has been dedicating a greater share of its efforts and resources towards land development in Hawaii and has formed a new entity, Lynch Hawaii Development, LLC solely to pursue this initiative. At the same time, Lynch continues to focus on the Western United States for opportunities in its core business of acquiring and managing income-producing office and multifamily assets.