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Acquisition Criteria

Since its inception in 1988, Lynch Investments has acquired and improved over 90 properties. (For a more detailed description of these transactions, please download the Lynch Track Record, a PDF file). Each Lynch Investments project has realized a profit, even those that were sold during declining markets. Lynch Investments' continuing success can be attributed to its disciplined application of the following acquisitions criteria:

Profile: Acquire and improve value-added properties, those amenable to improved management, repositioning and/or physical renovation.

Property Types: Multi-family (100+ units), office, and industrial properties, plus raw land.

Geographic Location: High-growth markets in the Western United States.

Target Cash-on-Cash Return: at least 8% to 10% per year once stabilized.

Target Overall Return (including sale proceeds): IRR (Annual return including sale/refinance proceeds) of at least 18% to 25% depending upon the inherent risk and condition of the property.