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Property Management

Lynch Property Managment enhances the long term value of properties by improving current performance in the following ways:

  • Efficiently use available resources.
  • Minimize operating expenses in manner consistent with maximizing value.
  • Maintain good credit and vendor relations.
  • Promote good tenant relations and minimize tenant turnover.
  • Provide timely response to tenant complaints and requests.
  • Obtain quality services as allowed and as provided by applicable budgets.
  • Act as a resource to tenants.
  • Provide a resource to tenants for useful information, and solutions.
  • Effectively maintain and upgrade the building and its equipments.
  • Properly maintain a record keeping system.
  • Minimize required ownership involvement by solving minor problems, conducting daily operations smoothly, and providing comprehensive reports to ownership.
  • Minimize legal, regulatory, and insurance problems by being responsive to crtical matters.
  • Properly supervise contractors and employees to maximize service and reduce potentially negative tenant interactions.

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